I bet you didn't know...

I live in the woods about a half an hour away from the "city" with my hubby, Evan. I have the best/weirdest family + friends. I get too emotionally attached to fictional characters. I have a little sister / built in best friend who is a decade younger than me. I am shamelessly obsessed with my dog, Pip. I live for solo road trips where I get full control of the aux cord. I am the only person on the planet that hates bacon. I have a mad obsession with boy bands. I was a theater/show choir nerd in high school. Math is not my strong suit. I CANNOT whistle. I have freckles from head to toe. My favorite Tv show is New Girl. I actively use 4 planners. I'm a multi-tasker, so I listen to audiobooks/podcasts instead of reading. Mice are my worst fear. My closet is made up of clothes from Target, Old Navy, + American Eagle.

Who Influences You?

My entrepreneur Mama, Gina Johnson! 

Joanna Gaines

Jenna Kutcher

Chrissy Teigen

Jillian Harris

Ashley LeMieux

This Or That

Pizza / Tacos

Morning Person / Night Owl

Summer / Winter

Chocolate / Vanilla

City Life / Country Life

Stay In / Go Out

Hotel / Camp