We've had one two many cancellations for my liking this year due to the dreaded C-word. You all know it. My sister & I decided it was time to take matters into our own hands & jump in the car for a half camping, half GLAMPING trip! We wanted to go somewhere close enough to drive to and spend a few days exploring between weddings & scheduled shoots! Being from the midwest, I am honestly SHOCKED that this was our first time staying in South Dakota. We have passed through in the past on our way out west for ski & glacier trips, but never stopped & explored! If you're from the midwest and looking for a relaxing, beautiful, unique experience, this might be the trip for you! Enjoy this compilation of my camera & iPhone photos from our trip! We started our trip in the Badlands. We spent 2 nights boon docking in the back of my SUV & exploring the national park during the day. We didn't see much for wildlife here, but the views were great!

Some iPhone shots of hiking in the Badlands!

After 2 nights in the Badlands we started our drive towards The Black Hills/Custer area! We had a glamping teepee waiting for us for the remainder of the trip, and what the upgrade it was from our little car bed! See for yourself! The king size bed was the comfiest bed I've ever slept in! The campground also had glamping tents, campsites, & cabins! The resort name is Buffalo Ridge Resort- 5 stars from us!

Okay, Custer State Park was soooo incredibly beautiful! We did some hiking, driving, & even met some bison & burros. Still a little terrified of the bison. We pulled up with the other cars, brave as can be with our windows down & loved seeing them up close. They had baby buffalo with them, so I'm guessing this is why some were a little fiery headed. Anyways, we watched one KICK another cars window out of anger or fear?! After that, we rolled up the windows and treaded out muchhhhh more cautiously than our arrival. The interesting & unique landscapes in the state park were equally as amazing! We followed many winding roads and every turn was a new breathtaking view!