Ashery Lane Farm Wedding, 2nd Shooter Edition

This post is alllll about 2nd shooters! I find it SO incredibly important to have 2nd shooters present with your photographer on your wedding day! I LOVE 2nd shooting myself because it gives me time to connect with my photographer besties, explore new venues, & think outside the box when it comes to creative shots that you can't necessarily do as the lead shooter. If you are at the point in your business where you are considering hiring 2nd shooters, I would recommend these must-know tips!

  1. I offer intern opportunities before 2nd shooting gigs! When I first started out as a photographer, I was interning almost every weekend (working fo' free!!). I was learning alongside very talented photographers & grew exponentially in my work just by tagging along with them. Once I was confident in how to use all of my gear, invest in education, & backup equipment, I finally began working as a 2nd shooter for photographers that inspired me! So was it worth it working over 15 weddings without being paid? YES. Interning is essentially free education! It also allows you to build your portfolio & network all at the same time. If you are given the opportunity early out, take it! If you are in a place in your business where you're ready to grow your team, possibly consider hiring an intern first!
  2. You must have experienced, confident shooters alongside you. Oftentimes 2nd shooters will be in charge of specific shots or being alone part of the day. It is crucial to have assistants that can represent you & your business while you are documenting elsewhere! Ever wonder what photographers will do if they get sick or can't capture a wedding day due to an emergency? Their 2nd shooters are typically on deck to take over! In this rare case, it is so sooo incredibly important you have a team you can fully trust in!

Okay, enough rambling. I'm sure you're here to see some gorgeous photos! These photos are ALL images I took while I was 2nd shooting! (Shoutout to the amazing Trish Allison team!) As I stated above, it is my most favorite thing to think in a creatively different way than I would as the lead shooter. Candids, artsy shots, differing vantage points, alternate cameras/lenses, & fun details are all images you will find in your gallery is you have a 2nd shooter on board. Check it out!

Ashery Lane Farm