Primally Pure Products that Changed my Life!

I could go on & on raving about this company and the changes it has made in my skin care routine! I am displaying my top MUST HAVE products below. Always get 10% off when you use my code "marya10" on

#1 Beauty Cream: You guys. I've always felt scared putting lotion all over my face. Being an acne-prone adult, I have my trauma with face lotions. For as long as I can remember, I have been in an ongoing battle with needing lotion to nourish my face (especially in MN winters!) but at the same time, I've been terrified it will cause a breakout. Not this stuff! The best part about primally pure is that every ingredient is pure + organic. It is what your skin wants so badly! Added bonus: this stuff smells divine.

#2 Body Butter: OMG! I cannot rave about this product enough. I live in Northern MN and am a victim of dry, cracked hands in the winter. Most lotions leave my hands looking more red & stinging with pain when applied. This body butter is GOLD. It is exactly what my skin needs & can be used topically anywhere that needs more moisture. Not to mention, the almond + vanilla flavor smells like the yummiest cupcake ever.

#3 Cleansing Oil: I've searched long & hard for a face oil that boosts clarity in complexion, reduces breakouts, nourishes the skin, & cleans out any bacteria all in one. This stuff is a game changer! I apply it in the morning & evening when I wash my face/get out of the shower. I always apply it to damp skin and let in absorb and air dry.

#4 Everything Spray: You guys, this is called Everything Spray for a reason. I use it after washing my face to help fight scarring on my face, to freshen my armpits throughout the day, or a pillow mist to help me sleep more soundly, etc. It also smells of delicious lavender!

#5 Lip Balm: This lip balm is the best! Unlike other brands, this leaves my dry, chapped lips moisturized for HOURS on end without having to reapply. The peppermint + creamsicle flavors are my favorites. I like to keep one in my purse & one on my nightstand.

#6 Fancy Face Serum: Very similar to the cleansing oil, this serum is something I apply after washing my face. This fights bacteria deep in the tissues of your face and I couldn't rave about it enough! This is the product that saved me from my severe deep breakouts. It has a very interesting smell, so a little goes a long way. I only use 1-2 drops and it rubs in well when your face is already moist. After applying this, I put my beauty cream on to help mask the smell also!

Make the Switch!

When you make the switch to PP products, you can guarantee the BEST results! When I switch to PP I was able to, 1. DITCH MY PRESCRIPTION ACNE CREAMS/RETINOL & 2. Feel confident not having to wear face makeup anymore! You guys, this was huge for me. I used to never be able to leave the house without foundation caked on my face because of my insecurities with my skin. Primally pure has changed the game for me & I'm excited to promote it to everyone I know. Even if you don't struggle with acne, your skin will thank you for using these all natural products. Did you know that popular drugstore skin care products are almost always 99% unsafe for your hormones and body?! Make the switch to CLEAN products. Your body + skin will thank you! Have questions about products? Ask me! I've tried them all!

Shop my link and always use my code, "marya10" for 10% off. This stuff is worth every penny!!

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